Film Workshops

Script Development Workshop

Jakarta, Indonesia

Participation is free-of-charge, but by invitation or recommendation only.  We invite several young/beginning yet serious scriptwriters to submit a project that they want to develop in the workshop.  

The workshop will be conducted by Tom Abrams, a lecturer in University of South California (USC) and a Hollywood scriptwriter.  In this workshop, Tom will guide the development of four projects, and will develop two script editors.  The workshop will be fully conducted in English.

The participants will develop the script in three stages: synopsis, sequence breakdown and step outline.  All participants are expected to be committed to all three sessions of the workshop within one year.  Throughout the course, two projects will be assigned to each script-editors.  The script editors (under the supervision and guidance of tutor) will analyse and comment on their assigned projects to develop it.  Both script-writers and script-editors will benefit from this process.

Projects that are participated in the workshop belongs to the scritpwriters.  ECCO Films Indonesia has no right nor obligation to produce them.

The participants of the 2009's workshop are: [scriptwriters] Adrie Rachmat Murni, Ayu Utami & Orlow Seunke, Hilmar Farid & Lasja Susatyo, Melody Muchransyah; and [script editors] Mandy Marahimin and Suryani Liauw.


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