Film Workshops

Documentary Film Production Workshop

Jakarta & Makassar, Indonesia

This program involves training in documentary filmmaking.  The training is project-driven, and aims at strengthening the narrative style of the filmmakers and developing their craft in editing a documentary.  The end result of this workshop is a short (max 30 minutes) documentary film.

Participation is free-of-charge, but by invitation or recommendation only.  We invite several young/beginning yet serious participants to submit their projects that they want to develop in the workshop.  Our selection committee will choose the more interesting subject for the workshop.  

The production workshop will be conducted by Leonard Retel Helmrich, a worls renowned documentary filmmaker, winner of IDFA and Sundance.  In this workshop, Leonard will give a hands-on guidance for the participants, from the project development and research, to the production itself.  Leonard will give a daily evaluation during the shooting period, and available for consultation at all time.

The participants will be given 2 months to do their project development and research, where they have to keep in touch with the tutor in order to obtain guidance.  Before shooting starts, the tutor will give 2 days of classroom workshop, which also works as pre-production meeting to formulate and strengthen the story line.  The participants are give 5 days of shooting for the project.  The editing session will last for approximately 3 weeks, where the participant will work with Puck Goossen, the editing tutor.

The participants of the 2009's workshop are: [director] Andi Arfan Sabran, [cameraperson] Samsir Bahrir, [soundperson] Abdi Kusuma Surbakti, and [production] Nila Karlina & Fadila Ayu Hapsari.  The production takes place around the area of Paotere Fish Market/Harbour, in Makassar, South Sulawesi.

Previous edition: Heaven for Insanity (2008) 


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